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How to Create a Yes/No Optin for Your WordPress Site

Last updated: 08/23/2020

Recently, one of our readers asked us how they could create a popup with Yes/No buttons? Perhaps you’ve seen these used in an email list optin, or another special offer on a...

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How to Fix WordPress Website Not Updating Right Away

Last updated: 08/15/2020

Are you trying to fix your WordPress website not updating right away? Often users ask us why some changes they make to their site like a new blog post, widget settings, don’t...

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When Does Using Headless WordPress Make Sense?

Last updated: 08/13/2020

There’s a lot of talk these days about using headless WordPress. For the uninitiated, it’s the practice of utilizing a WordPress back end to feed content to an outside...

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5 Tips to Keep Your Website Safe and Secure

Last updated: 08/12/2020

Previously on Web Design Dev, we published a post on how to make your WordPress site hack-proof by using a WordPress plugin named WP Admin Block. But if you do not use...

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8 WordPress Plugins for Better Responsive Websites

Last updated: 08/11/2020

Today everyone owns a smartphone and that is the reason more than half of U.S. traffic comes from mobile devices, so it is essential to make your website responsive. This mobile...

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Deep Learning for Marketing: What You Need to Know

Last updated: 08/11/2020

Are you looking for deeper insights into your audience’s behaviors, intent, and journey? Incorporating deep learning for marketing into your strategy could help you better...

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How to Make a Freshdesk WordPress Form (The Easy Way)

Last updated: 08/10/2020

Do you need to create a Freshdesk WordPress form? It’s really easy to use information from WordPress forms to create new tickets in Freshdesk. In this article, we’ll show you...

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How to Add a Background Image in WordPress

Last updated: 08/09/2020

Do you want to add a background image to your WordPress site? Background images can be used to make your website look more engaging and aesthetically pleasant. In this...

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How to Add Automatically Drip Content in Your WordPress Site

Last updated: 08/08/2020

Do you want to automatically drip content in your WordPress members area? If you are running a WordPress membership website or selling premium content, then you may want to set...

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How to Send Email Using SendGrid with WordPress

Last updated: 08/07/2020

As you may know, WordPress is capable of sending basic transactional emails out of the box. However, a lot of web hosts don’t support that functionality or offer email...

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