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How to Fix the 502 Bad Gateway Error in WordPress

Last updated: 05/12/2020

One of the most frustrating aspects of running a website is having to troubleshoot an error when you don’t know why it’s happening. Some issues, such as the 502 bad gateway...

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Drag and Drop Nav Menu Items in WordPress

Last updated: 05/11/2020

Earlier this week, Sajjad Hossain Sagor released the first version of his Drag & Drop Menu Items plugin in the WordPress plugin repository. The plugin is a one-off, single-use...

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How to Set Up Google Analytics Goals for WordPress

Last updated: 05/10/2020

Do you want to track key metrics like email signups or sales for your site? Just looking at your website traffic overview report doesn’t give you the full picture. If you want...

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How to Add Custom Navigation Menus in WordPress Themes

Last updated: 05/09/2020

Do you want to add custom navigation menus in your WordPress theme? Navigation menus are the horizontal list of links displayed on top of most websites. By default, WordPress...

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Nine Ways to Kick Start Your Video Marketing Strategy | Website

Last updated: 05/05/2020

We’ve all heard the hype about video marketing being the best and greatest way to improve conversion rates, to engage more and to sell more products however the facts are...

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How to White Label WordPress

Last updated: 05/01/2020

How to White Label WordPress Posted on April 28, 2020 by B.J. Keeton in WordPress | 0 comments WordPress makes up 1/3 of websites on the internet today. But many of them don’t...

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How to Set Up Email Newsletter Tracking in Google Analytics

Last updated: 04/30/2020

Recently, one of our readers asked how do we measure the impact of our email newsletter? You can use Google Analytics combined with special tracking links in your email...

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How to Use Twitter Trending Hashtags for Marketing Without Looking Like Spam

Last updated: 04/29/2020

How to Use Twitter Trending Hashtags for Marketing Without Looking Like Spam Posted on April 23, 2020 by Lindsay Pietroluongo in Marketing | 0 comments Twitter itself is a...

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Duplicated Vulnerabilities in WordPress Plugins

Last updated: 04/27/2020

During a recent plugin audit, we noticed a weird pattern among many plugins responsible for performing a specific task: Duplicating a page or a post. With a bit of research, we...

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How “Minding the Gap” Can Improve Your Career and Happiness

Last updated: 04/25/2020

“Mind the Gap” is a popular phrase first coined by the London Underground’s transit system. As it turns out, though, the idea of minding the gap is an apt metaphor for...

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