Three Important Things To Set Up On Your WordPress Site

Last updated: 02-23-2021

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Three Important Things To Set Up On Your WordPress Site

At this week’s Metro Detroit WordPress meetup, we had our quarterly Q&A session where several of our members volunteer as WordPress experts to answer questions from our members.

Before we started our one-on-one help sessions, one of our members asked if each expert could share their favorite plugins. I commented we could take a whole meeting to discuss favorite plugins (an idea for a future Metro Detroit WordPress meetup, but I digress.)

Instead of talking about my favorite plugins, I discussed the importance of three things you need to do for your WordPress site:

Install a security plugin. Make sure your site is secure so hackers can’t infect your site with malware or add hidden links to your pages that lead visitors to sites that have nothing to do with your website. If you have managed WordPress hosting, a security solution may be included with your plan. On shared hosting, you can install a security plugin. Set up a backup solution. Schedule backups of your entire WordPress site, which includes the database and files. Backups are insurance for your site. Without a backup, you can spend days trying to restore your site when something goes wrong. Depending on your type of hosting, you may have backups included in your hosting plan. Or you may want to install a backup plugin. Install an anti-spam plugin: Sometimes I think spam is going to take over the web. We’ve all had to deal with spam over the years in email. Unfortunately, WordPress sites can also receive hundreds of spam comments as well as registration comments each week. While the first step to managing spam on your WordPress site is to configure your WordPress discussion comments, you’ll also want to install an anti-spam plugin to help eliminate spam on your site.

I saw several members take notes while I was talking, so I’m hoping they found the information I shared helpful.

I’ll go into more detail about the different options for managing security, backups, and spam in future posts.

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