Mobile Inbound Marketing: What You Need to Know

Last updated: 10-14-2020

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Mobile Inbound Marketing: What You Need to Know

Is your brand mobile-friendly? Mobile optimization is more important than ever. In fact, the world has seen a 220% increase in mobile device use over the last seven years. If you want your brand to reach this tremendous number of mobile users, then you should consider leveraging mobile inbound marketing.

Mobile inbound marketing is the practice of leveraging mobile optimization across all online platforms. It engages audiences using their mobile devices. When your online business presence is fully mobile-friendly, you’ll have lower bounce rates, higher engagement, and higher conversion rates as a result.

Now, more than ever, people are using smartphones to communicate, surf the web, and conduct business. That number is only going to continue increasing. If you want to reach your audience and convert new followers in the process, making your brand completely mobile-friendly is essential.

Want to know how to build your mobile inbound marketing strategy? Read on.

These days, many of us are spending a large portion of our lives on the internet–not just on our computers and tablets, but our phones, too. We’re constantly connected. These days, it simply doesn’t make sense for you to have a website that doesn’t work on a mobile browser.

If you want to keep visitors on your site, they have to be able to access it from their phone or tablet. Your website should be mobile optimized and easy to view and navigate on a smartphone screen. Some DIY website services, such as Squarespace and Wix, offer a mobile view so you can preview what your site looks like on mobile.

The risks of not creating a seamless, easy-to-access experience for your customers are high. Fifty-one percent of consumers say that if they have a negative experience with a company, they won’t return. And, 74% of shoppers say they’re more likely to switch from one brand to another if the buying process is too difficult. Failing to optimize for mobile inbound marketing leaves your brand vulnerable to losing a significant number of customers.

In addition to making your website mobile-friendly, pay careful attention to your images and videos. They’ll also need to be mobile-friendly. In particular, vertical video has become increasingly popular recently because it utilizes the entire phone screen in vertical format. As a result, users don’t have to rotate their screen to get the full effect.

Your graphics will also need to be optimized for mobile inbound marketing. That means you’ll want images that aren’t too large or slow to load. You’ll also want formats that are easy to see and appreciate on a small screen. Pay attention to details such as the size of the text on your graphics and the dimensions of your images.

Email marketing is another, often overlooked aspect of your strategy that should be optimized for mobile inbound marketing. Many email programs now have mobile preview available. Here are a few tips for making sure your emails are ideal for mobile users:

It’s likely that your audience is hanging out on social media apps when they’re scrolling on their phones. Make sure you have a presence on any social media sites that make sense for your brand. This helps keep you top-of-mind outside your own branded online properties (like your website, email, or app).

Some popular social media apps that can be effective for businesses include:

In addition to interacting on social media, you can leverage social messaging apps to maximize your mobile inbound marketing efforts. Utilizing messaging apps as part of your marketing strategy can help keep your marketing more conversational and personalized. It also keeps your followers engaged with your brand.

Some brands take mobile inbound marketing a step further and build apps to extend their brand experience beyond website and in-store customer interactions. You can do this by building a complete mobile app, which can be costly and time-consuming. Or, you might consider creating a progressive web app that makes interacting with your brand easier on mobile devices.

It’s helpful to get an idea of how your audience interacts with your brand on their mobile devices. You can check analytics to get a partial picture, but consider sending a survey to your audience in exchange for a 10% coupon code.

Additionally, you could form a focus group or simply have conversations with customers. Ask questions to learn more about their mobile activity. Then, make adjustments based on your new insights.

Mobile inbound marketing is all about expanding your brand’s presence across all possible online channels. It’s about making your products, services, and content accessible to anyone, whether they’re using a desktop computer or mobile device

To quickly recap, here are some of the top ways you can optimize your brand for mobile inbound marketing:

Have you made mobile inbound marketing part of your brand strategy? How are you leveraging mobile to reach a wide audience? Drop us a comment to let us know about your favorite mobile marketing tactics and tips.

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