Social Media Marketing Vs Social Media Advertising: Who Will Win the Social Traffic Game in 2018? - Seo Land

Last updated: 05-19-2019

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Social Media Marketing Vs Social Media Advertising: Who Will Win the Social Traffic Game in 2018? - Seo Land

Which is the more effective traffic generation and customer acquisition channel between the two? Where should a social media marketer invest their resources – time, effort and dollars (or bitcoins) in 2018?

In the social ecosystem, there has been a roaring debate going on for a very long time over the use of Paid Advertising vs. Organic Marketing, and which one provides better value for a brand’s social marketing strategies.

So, let’s dive into compare the two contenders and find out which one is likely to win the ‘Game of Thrones’ in 2018:

To play and win the game, you must know the rules of the game. So, let’s understand how social algorithms work to get maximum organic social traffic to your website.

Easy to say, difficult to do!

Understanding the working mechanism of social algorithms is not a piece of cake. The algorithm for each social platform works differently. For instance, on Facebook, a core factor that affects the rankings of a post is its relevancy score, whereas on YouTube the total watch time of the video per session decides whether a video enters a ‘Recommended Video’ section or not.

To add to the woes of social marketers, engineers update these social algorithms from time-to-time; making it next to impossible for social marketers to keep track of each and every social platform’s algorithms on a regular basis.

However, after thoroughly analyzing a few social algorithms, social media experts have found that just like Google’s algorithm, social algorithms are also basically designed to give users the best experience possible. In short, the goal behind any social algorithm is pretty simple – ‘To promote the best content to the most relevant people.’

With the similar objective of delivering the best user-experience possible, in mid-2017 Facebook tweaked its News Feed algorithm to reduce rankings of posts that include a link to a low-quality website.

In short, the only key to amplify your website traffic with organic social marketing is to post quality content (which falls in any of these 3 categories – informative, inspiring or entertaining) with quality links that are relevant for your target audience.

Now that we know how to crack the social algorithms, let’s see instances where it is beneficial to go for organic social marketing to generate traffic for your business website:

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