SEO Audit: How to Find Your SEO Mistakes & Opportunities

SEO Audit: How to Find Your SEO Mistakes & Opportunities

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO as it's known for short, are the strategies you use to make your web presence known to maximum users online. It is one of the most effective tools of digital marketing nowadays. After implementing SEO for your website, it is essential that you carry out its evaluation from time to time for continued marketing advantages. This is where SEO Audit comes in. SEO audit defines how your website management and presence is in comparison with your competition or the best practices in vogue.

After developing a website, you want your content to be relevant and attractive to visitors. Unfortunately, many of the previously used SEO tactics like keyword stuffing and multiple pages setting do not work anymore.

There has been a dramatic shift in SEO ranking factors. Today, mobile-friendly and user intent optimized sites are favored over the others. Major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing have unique algorithms that crawl through the content of the website and rank it based on these relevant factors.

As mentioned, in order to compete with modern websites; a time to time SEO audit is therefore necessary. In subsequent paragraphs, a detailed procedure to correct common, occurring SEO mistakes is discussed.

The first and foremost factor for enhancing the website's SEO is through concrete architecture. A better architecture is surety for a better experience, whether in terms of bots that crawl a website to determine its ranking or in terms of human visitors.

Due to this reason, it is commonly said that a logical, organized, and clear structure that is reflected by a complete and accurate sitemap is essential. Furthermore, due importance must also be given to a strong URL structure. The appearance of all main webpages in the top navigation menu of the website is another sign of strong SEO.

Looking for Places for Insertion of Links

Be it internal or external; link building is another step in increasing the authority of a website. The audit procedure of SEO is incomplete without the incorporation of site-related links.

Internal links are located within web pages that you have created and are of prime importance in the development of influential orders within the website. A piecemeal and antique way of creating an internal link is that you create your own new content, carry out thorough research on the internet and find older content covering the same type of content as yours and search optimized. After finding the older content, just find a suitable place and create an internal link to your newly created content inside older content.

The second method of creating links is to connect your content link with a list of resources that can actually feature your content and provide an easy external link.

Most site owners rely on guest posting service UK companies to obtain these links from. These services have a rich inventory of links. So when you buy SEO guest posts from them, the links will be channeled back to your site.

Thin or weak content is of no use for better SEO of the website. Search Engines are optimized to rank the higher quality of content better than the one which has a poor quality of content. Weak or thin content is content that is insufficient to meet the demands of the user. Most search engines will perceive your content as being weak if it doesn’t explain in full details the subject you’re trying to discuss.

Of course, if there are weak or thin content on your web pages, it’s the job of an SEO audit company, like SEO Service Canada, to help you figure it out and suggest appropriate corrections.

Modern search engines are smart enough to determine whether deliberately or through some malicious activities contents of your websites are duplicated. If there is the duplication of your content, then it is likely that your content management system is automatically generating web pages that are similar in appearance as well as in content. You are required to get rid of duplicate content as soon as you get to know during SEO audit of your website; otherwise, you are likely to get penalized by the search engine for using duplicate content on your website.

Another major step during the conduct of SEO audit is to make sure that all your web pages are optimized for keywords that will help your content drive maximum organic traffic. In this regard, effective keyword research is conducted to detect weak keywords on the web pages and to suggest relevant and effective ones.

Again, this is an area where an SEO audit company like SEO Service Canada can be of help.

Meta tags generally comprise of meta description and meta title. They help search engines to determine the SEO quality of the content of a web page and are one of the biggest factors which these search engines take into consideration when determining the ranking order of web pages.

Errors on sites are commonly caused due to damaged links and images inside the website. Some of the commonest ones include “Page not found” and the “404 error” message. These errors are required to be detected during an audit and rectified to improve the SEO of the website. SEO audit tools have the ability to find and identify all the 404s present within your website. Once they are identified, it is an easier task to get rid of them to enhance the quality of the link structure and user experience of your website.

A secure website in today’s era of the digital boom is very important. People in general and organizations, in particular, are aware of cyber-attacks and risks involved in weak security measures. Therefore, the level of security and protection provided by the website is a major consideration in the determination of ranking. HTTPS is quicker, more protected. You must shift your website URL to HTTPS if previously found as HTTP during SEO audit to drive more traffic due to the availability of a secure connection.

Still running an insecure site? Contact today to fix all your site's security concerns. Trust me, a site is only as good as the security it provides its visitors. And for today's website visitors, security is as crucial as the information they intend consuming.