How to Use Slideshare for Influencer Marketing

How to Use Slideshare for Influencer Marketing

Relationship building is the driving source of online marketing nowadays. Brands strive to become closer to their customers to encourage them to spread the word and positive feedback. Brands build connections with influential bloggers and social media users in their niche to hopefully get them influence their customers and build trust.

Content marketing is a great medium to win influencers’ hearts and, being a great content marketing tool, Slideshare can also be used for that purpose: Reaching out to industry experts and establishing relationships with niche influencers.

Here are three notable tactics to use Slideshare for relationship-building.

Curation is a powerful influencer marketing tool. Making industry round-ups always results in a few powerful social media shares: Influencers are naturally more inclined to share content they have been featured in.

Here’s a great example of curated list done through Slideshare: “10 Books All Content Marketers Should Read” by Wrike. The Slideshare uses the same nice-looking templates for each slide featuring a book which makes the presentation easier to put together!

The less time you spend on creating a great curated list, the more effective your content strategy is. Don’t create hurdles for your own campaigns by over-complicating the design part. Often times, the less is more!

Note a great call-to-action at the end of the list:

Who would resist that?

Another thing that really appeals to me here: The above call-top-action really leads to more useful resources. They are not trying to sell you anything from their Slideshare upload, nor are they being aggressive with collecting their leads: Very subtle marketing! (Speaking of calls-to-action, here are some neat tips from Web Hosting Geeks blog on converting visitors depending on the medium)

Here’s another great example with a different twist: Winning with Authority – 15 Experts on Integrated Online Marketing. The presentation curates notable quotes from speakers at the Authority Rainmaker conference.

Notice the awesome use of tweetable quotes right inside each slide:

Clicking the Twitter icon brings you to “Create a Tweet” page:

What’s more, the pre-written Tweet text tags the speaker, so he or she will be notified each time someone tweets from that Slideshare upload.

Tweetable quotes work great for influencer marketing. Here are some tools to help you create them.

Featured tool: Share it! is a great free tool allowing you to easily create “tweet it”, “share it”, “pin it”, etc links to use inside your Slideshare presentations. Let your Slideshare presentations help you gain some traction on social media!

Interviewing an authority in your industry on your blog is a great way to get that person share your content and drive his or her followers your way. An expert interview is a great relationship-building tactic. But it may come in many forms and types…

After all the hard work you’ve done to reach out to a niche expert and then put together a great interview article, why not go one step further and re-package that content into a nice looking presentation?

One of the most recent examples: The Slideshare introduction to the interview I recently did for Shobha Ponnappa.

From personal experience, I must say that effort has been highly appreciated and I eagerly shared both the article and the related Slideshare page hopefully driving more exposure to both Shobha’s marketing channels.

There are many more examples of different forms and types. For instance, we re-package our interview-format Twitter chats into Slideshare uploads listing best quotes. And here’s another good one: Michael Brenner turned his group expert interview into a solid ebook done in the presentation format: The Future of Marketing – B2B Marketing Expert Interviews eBook

Sometimes it makes sense to re-package someone else’s article or research using your Slideshare account (Of course, you will need the author’s permission in order to do that).

One of the nicest-looking examples of this tactic is this presentation created by ReferralCandy which re-packages Navid Moazzez’s expert interview “37 Experts Share Their Best Personal Branding Tips For Entrepreneurs”

I do see lots of room for improvement here: Don’t forget that Slideshare allows clickable external links inside the slides starting from slide #4, so it would be only fair to link to the original article as well as to each of the contributors.

Featuring someone on your Slideshare channel is a good way to encourage that person to promote your content and become your friend. These are the basics of ego-bait. Give people exposure and they will be happy to reciprocate!

Here are some essential tips to get that tactic work:

Do you have more examples on using Slideshare as the relationship-building tool? Please share them in the comments!

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