10 Tools That Will Change How You Manage Sales and Marketing

10 Tools That Will Change How You Manage Sales and Marketing

Technology continues to change what's possible when it comes to the marketing tools now available to meet your sales and marketing goals. From new ways to target and reach your audience to innovative ways to organize and analyze sales and marketing data, these 10 marketing tools should be on your radar:

This online marketing tool illustrates how machine learning continues to impact the sales and marketing process. The sales tool clarifies what defines your prospects and various demographics. With that understanding, you can improve how you communicate with them.

Crystal's advanced learning mechanism studies how your prospects and customers write emails by integrating with Gmail. It also can look at how to improve internal communications among the sales team and overall organization.

This sales platform helps improve the sales management, training, and coaching process. It removes a significant amount of the work that goes into understanding the pipeline and what your sales team is doing. The conversation intelligence platform delivers recorded calls, transcripts and summaries of what was discussed.

For marketers, this means you don't have to shadow meetings to understand what is discussed or what prospects have to say. You can provide actionable feedback by sharing and commenting on calls, and understand what your top performers do differently from everyone else.

Chorus also integrates with Salesforce for additional benefits to understand the impact to win rates, sales cycles and deal size.

Troops is an ideal tool to use if you use Slack, Salesforce, or both because it integrates with these platforms. It is a bot from Slack that auto-sends updates from Salesforce to your sales team members. It's a great way to keep the sales team on top of what is going on. They'll share information on closed accounts, prospect activity, and leads.

The use of visuals is also a great way to express yourself and adds a way to connect with your team members for greater cohesion.

LinkTrackr offers a way to track all the links you use to determine if your marketing strategy is working. This is a must-have tool if you incorporate affiliate marketing or leverage various online marketing tactics.

The digital marketing management tool also allows you to use a custom domain and develop tracking links. These links are easy to remember and can be shared with others to enhance your marketing effort for things like products or even your social media accounts.

Aweber provides you with the tools you need to develop effective email newsletters and automate your email marketing program for both customers and prospects.

The marketing program integrates with WordPress, LeadPages, PayPal, and Facebook for further functionality and the ability to quickly grow your contact list for future email marketing campaigns.

SalesClarity is a sales forecasting tool for B2B sales managers. It offers a quick and effective way to access consolidated sales data to make critical decisions. The sales tool brings all the information together.

This includes pipeline information to facilitate those forecast review meetings. You can identify opportunities that have changed so strategies can be adjusted. Lastly, the integrated pipeline growth and conversion data reveal how much in the pipeline has been turned into revenue.

This sales app was developed by Salesforce to share what the competition is doing. With that intelligence, you can adjust your own strategy and stop them from taking your customers.

The app collects information from across the Internet about your competition. This includes content, news, and social media sites like Twitter.

You can also leverage the Chatter function to connect with the competitive experts within your own organization to determine what the information on the competition means and how to address it.

This marketing tool helps you automate your social media marketing program so you can spend more time on other aspects of your sales and marketing strategy. The tool uses the existing posts you have added to your social media profiles.

It turns them into a campaign and reuses parts of the content to create other unique posts on the same topic. Instead of re-sharing the same content across all channels, MissingLettr generates new content and adapts it.

The result is that it becomes more appealing to a wider audience.

Quuu is the go-to tool to maintain a strong Instagram presence. The tool provides hand-selected curated content to help you make a stronger impact with your followers on this social media channels. Sharing content on social media is a proven strategy to keep your audience tuned in.

This digital marketing keeps that content going even when you don't have time to manage it. It also integrates with HubSpot and Buffer to further maximize your social media marketing efforts.

This mobile marketing tool improves mobile marketing efforts by automating the process. It has a platform that uses artificial intelligence to generate content. The machine learning capability delivers that content at the right place at the right time to your mobile audience for deeper engagement.

Besides reaching out to your mobile customers and prospects, Kahuna also can be used as a Web marketing tool to do the same thing.

These are either free or low-cost marketing tools. This enables small businesses and startups to leverage their features and start seeing a measurable return.

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