Engaging Millennials: Are marketers missing out on critical insights?

Last updated: 05-19-2019

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Engaging Millennials: Are marketers missing out on critical insights?

Millennials, globally, have undoubtedly dominated the headlines and captured the interest of brands, who are eager to meet the demands of the generation of shoppers, and ultimately secure their long-term loyalty.

For long brands have been leveraging Millennials’ preferences and behaviors as benchmark for their digital marketing campaigns.

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And there are solid reasons behind that. Millennials have been impacting and shaping, to a great extent, consumer trends.

And, as their number grows, so too does their influence.

However, while every marketer is talking about Millennials, the fact is that they have a short attention span.

So how marketers should capture and keep their attention? Are marketers really ready to engage this vast number of customers?

This was one of the many topics of intense discussion and workshops at the 3-day ongoing Engage Prague 2018 event, organized by the social media marketing platform, Socialbakers.

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“The best way to reach Millennials is to be quick and use the easiest medium that they understand and are familiar with,” said Luiz Henrique Ferreira, Digital Marketing and Communications Manager, Fini Brasil, who gave his presentation on “Millennial Audiences: How to speak the language they do” at a workshop on Day 1 of the event yesterday.

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“Marketers should learn to adapt themselves to fast storytelling through each social media tool and that vanishes in 24 hours when it comes to target Millennials,” he added.

Another crucial way to reach the Millennials is video. But how to create amazing videos when brands and marketers have limited resources, while still maintaining customer expectations?

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“Creating stories relevant to customers will always have a high value. So spend time and effort to create good stories,” Robert Bogner, Creative Director, Pulpmedia GmbH, an online marketing agency, said.

Bogner, along with Paul Lanzerstorfer, the CEO of Pulpmedia GmbH, spoke on “Performance Driven Video Marketing” in another workshop.

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