8 Amazing Secrets How to Create Strong Visual Impact on Your Email Campaigns

Last updated: 03-23-2021

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8 Amazing Secrets How to Create Strong Visual Impact on Your Email Campaigns

Do you enjoy a higher open rate of your emails? Then, in this article, you will learn some great email campaign tips to enhance your emails.

Email marketing is one of the most efficient tools in targeting consumers when trying to send a commercial message. We compete with many other emails from our customers’ inboxes every day, asking to be opened and gain a second look from them. However, competition is not entirely our dilemma.

In this age, where target consumers have shorter attention spans and are always hungry for new information, marketers only have a few seconds to attract attention and spark their interest. How we use those few seconds to intrigue them and make them interested is up to our end.

Therefore, we must be able to get our message across in a short amount of time while leaving a strong impact to provoke a lingering effect on our consumers.

To create a strong visual impact, one must not only rely on mere shapes, texts, and images alone but with strategic planning on how to highlight these visuals and relay the information clearly and concisely.

These strategic ways will give you the know-how in launching effective email marketing that will be a key pillar in achieving your goals:

In the report published by LucidPress in 2019, consistent branding increases revenue by an average of 33%. This proves how important brand presentation is across any marketing platform. The design of the content should be consistent, especially for the visuals used.

When creating a new email marketing campaign, there is no need to develop a new design. Instead, you can work around the existing branding to make the emails instantly recognizable. Every detail in the email should be associated with your brand. Colors, fonts, and imagery must be consistent with your theme.

Incorporate the business logo and other identifying features of your brand to improve coherence. You can even create email marketing templates for this purpose. This will save you time and effort when designing new layouts later on.

Continuous and consistent branding helps the customers easily recognize your brand from both online and offline stages. Seeing the brand regularly builds brand recognition, but it is more about building trust that will lead the customers towards brand loyalty. This will allow you to close sales and keep the customers around for a very long time.

Although emails are great because they can literally have all the information you want to present, there is also a risk of making it look too complex. Less is always more when getting your ideas across.

This is where you should be smart in choosing images that will go with your email. Apart from the CTA, the rest of the text parts are often missed because they look boring. If possible, the photos should convey the information that you would want them to know. You can use photo editing apps to create visuals that make an impact.

A free background remover, for example, can give you images that have the subject as the main focus.

Aside from removing background from the image, some photo editors even allow further enhancements to make the photo more attention-grabbing. Too much text is boring, but imagery without a clear message is also just as ineffective. Create a powerful combination of photos, texts, and other visual elements to draw the customers in.

The fact that having videos on email content can increase the click-through rates for up to 300% should interest anyone who wishes to improve their email marketing strategies.

Since the internet is much faster nowadays, it is a great idea to add videos to email marketing content. They are engaging and convey more information than photos can. The key to making it effective is by choosing relevant videos.

They must be in line with the message that you want to convey. Styling is also key, and it still must be consistent with the branding that you portray.

Just like any other marketing campaign, email marketing is also a numbers game. Sending out thousands of emails will yield thousands of chances of having the reactions and behaviors you want. This might be true, but a far more effective method is through market segmentation.

Market segmentation is basically being insightful about your audience. You will divide the target market into groups based on their needs, interests, demographics, and other criteria. Having information about the audience will allow you to incorporate their needs into the content. You can use the email content as the platform to present solutions.

With segmentation, content becomes relevant and can create a connection. The correct message is sent to the right people, thus creating the impact you want to achieve.

A good example of market segmentation is when you can create designs based on your audience’s characteristics. Let’s say you have to generate an email campaign for a youthful audience.

You can direct all efforts towards creating content that has a vibrant and youthful vibe. It eliminates uncertainty or not knowing where to focus the creatives because you can identify to whom the campaign is for.

When creating content for email marketing content, you must choose the right design concept right at the beginning. If you have a concept initially, every decision about the campaign will go back to the concept. It will serve as the framework and should be prominent across the content.

You have to be clear on how you want to present the information then focus everything on getting the idea across. You can do this by knowing what the target customers need. Gather information about what they want to see or learn about your brand, then incorporate the solutions into the marketing design.

You may start with a “mood board” or a collection of your thoughts, possible layouts, inspirations, and other ideas that are relevant to the information you have gathered about your audience. This will also help you identify the design elements you need to work on, like the style, color schemes, imagery, shapes, and other layout components.

By actively developing the concept early on, you will be able to work smoothly on the whole campaign because you will draw inspiration from the concept you created.

One effective trick in any visual marketing campaign is the use of the correct font and placements. Everything matters when it comes to fonts because even the size can create a huge difference in information delivery.

Fonts affect visual psychology, which basically means that you can use it to your advantage. Choose fonts that are easy to read, just like Serif Fonts. They are well-spaced, and because of the greater readability, they work best if you are after introducing product benefits or highlighting product features.

The use of fancy fonts, like calligraphy, should be reserved for headings to grab attention. They are artistic, so readers tend to linger on them a bit. Using them on the rest of the content may not be wise since you risk giving the reader the difficult task of finishing the whole content.

Aside from picking fonts that work best with your content, you must learn about the font hierarchy. You must establish an order of importance within the content so it will be easier for the readers to navigate the data.

Subtopic headings, for example, can be bolded to make them look important. Adding colors or changing the case also helps draw attention towards a specific element. The placement and setting will let you keep the most important information look prominent.

Font hierarchy is more like visually separating the ideas to make the content look organized and easier to digest.

Colors have long been proven to affect human behavior. It pays to know how colors can be used for effective email marketing as they can influence the overall design and positively impact the customers. Using colors in emails can determine how effective the campaign will be.

White, for example, connotes purity and independence and will be best if you are after creating a campaign that looks simple, clean, and innocent. Too much white, however, can deliver a sense of emptiness, boredom, and uninspired.

The best way to create a balance is to have a white background and work on a design with bright spots of colors on the text. You can easily do this trick if you are going to use a background remover for your imagery.

When using colors for email content, the goal is not only to make the content look pleasing but also to make it more readable. The color combinations should be easy on the eyes and must evoke the right message. You can research more on how colors can be used for specific purposes in your email campaign.

This will be very helpful if you want to achieve a specific goal from your email campaign. When you want to evoke a response from the readers, you can use bright and energetic colors to make them excited to do what you need them to do. Neutral and dark colors look relaxing, so they will be best after making the audience understand the information better.

Another effective strategy in creating effective email content is adding infographics. Vital information is digested easily when presented through infographics.

Most consumers are too busy to go out that they rely on what they can learn from emails. This should be enough reason to try giving them all the information they need in the most concise yet engaging manner.

A visual presentation of all the information you want them to know is the fastest way to make them remember about your product. They do not have the time to read a lengthy post and process it.

With infographics, information is recognized within 13 milliseconds. That means the brain will be able to process the information up to 60,000 times faster. This will also make it easier for them to remember it with up to 65% recall even 3 days later!

This is great if you want fast results from your email campaign because the audience gets to react faster.

The beauty of infographics is that you can incorporate them across multiple platforms, not just in an email. You can have it on your social media accounts and still gain the same effects as those sent through targeted email campaigns.

If you feel lost in your campaign efforts, it would be good to know how an email campaign can be a great tool for your business. Emails are essential communication tools, and most customers are using emails for commercial purposes. It is an effective platform for marketing because most people already have it.

Consumers are hungry for information, and they will be interested in what you can serve them through email.

Email marketing has long been around, and this is because it is highly effective at being a direct communication tool with potential customers. It is an opportunity to nurture leads to turn them into customers.

When set up right, email marketing will not only acquire leads but will be an income-generating tool that works 24/7.

Make your email marketing content better with the best images. Visual emails convert better, and getting them right is crucial when sending out email marketing materials.

Apply these strategies to your email marketing campaign, and you can see the difference that they will make in making your campaign more effective.

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