Love Your NPO: Invest in Marketing Automation - iContact

Love Your NPO: Invest in Marketing Automation - iContact

Marketing automation can be a loaded term, and it often means different things to different people. In reality, marketing automation is a simple idea that can be executed in a number of ways. It isn’t complicated, but it is high impact.

Marketing automation is about using software to automate the process of communicating with your subscribers, donors, and those who may be interested in your cause or mission. This powerful software can drive subscribers automatically along the path to buying whatever it is that an organization sells —whether that’s a product, a service, or, in the case of nonprofits, a cause.

The Autism Society of North Carolina uses marketing automation to provide information and support to enhance the lives of families living with autism. You can read their story here.

Just as every for-profit business, nonprofits look for excellent ROI on their marketing efforts. In fact, this may be even more critical for nonprofits that are often faced with limited people or financial resources to devote to marketing. Without an investment in marketing, a nonprofit’s mission cannot be fulfilled — donations dry up, volunteerism declines, and your cause or mission does not receive attention.

By offering advanced tools such as workflow automation, landing pages, engagement tracking, lead scoring, and social media management, marketing automation facilitates the creation of a lasting connection with your supporters through email marketing and other digital tactics. In effect, a nonprofit can put much of its marketing on autopilot, allowing it to do more with less, and freeing up valuable time and staff resources for serving the needs of constituents.

Marketing automation can take a nonprofit a huge step forward. While these platforms are a little more expensive than basic email marketing, the payoff — in terms of increasing memberships and boosting donations — can more than make up an investment in the product.

To learn more about automation, download our marketing guide: What is Marketing Automation?

How do you know if your nonprofit organization is ready for marketing automation? Use this checklist to help you decide:

If you can check most of the boxes, it might be time to start having a serious look at how marketing automation can help your organization grow and more effectively reach the supporters you count on.

Even if you feel that your organization is not quite ready for marketing automation, it’s a good thing to stay informed and be ready to seize on the opportunity when it’s the right time for you.

All 501c3 nonprofits in the state of North Carolina are eligible for free accounts. Nonprofits outside North Carolina receive 20% off their subscription fee. Send in your tax identification to to receive this discount.

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