Behind Our Surprise Toy Giveaway | MailChimp Email Marketing Blog

Behind Our Surprise Toy Giveaway | MailChimp Email Marketing Blog

From shirts to hats to plushies, we love connecting with customers and fans by giving them stuff. We’ve been at it for a while. Usually, we put up a form, announce a giveaway publicly, and shut it down when all the gifts are gone. But when we made a few new versions of our vinyl Freddie, we decided to try something new.

These guys are extra special, so we wanted to have a little fun with them and be a little more thoughtful about who would receive them. And we figured the only thing better than a giveaway was a surprise giveaway. We just had to figure out who to surprise.

We knew we wanted to do the giveaway by email, so we looked at our own newsletters (MonkeyWrench,UX,DesignLab). We had also just launched a few new ones (fornonprofits,online sellers,music,bloggers + publishers, andagencies), and we thought it would be fun to use the toys as rewards for subscribing to one of these newsletters. Meanwhile, the giveaway would let us explore an advanced way of doing one-click signups.

So we sent a campaign to a highly engaged segment of our primary mailing list, letting them know about all the other newsletters we publish.

We didn’t say anything about the giveaway in the initial email, and we tracked signups from the campaign with Goal. After a week or so, we randomly selected winners from the group of people who subscribed to one or more newsletters. They got an email that looked like this:

Recipients just had to provide their mailing addresses—then we sent their Yin, Yang, Yeti, or Classic Freddie on his way.

Like our billboards, these giveaways are designed to surprise and delight. We also love rewarding our customers for their curiosity and desire to get better at email marketing. As it turns out, people were delighted. And it was delightful to watch.