How to master email marketing to sell out your event

How to master email marketing to sell out your event

Did you know that events typically sell more than half of their tickets the week right before the event? That’s right, we looked at data from across Eventbrite and found that a majority of events see 50% of their ticket sales happen in the last week. If you organize events, you’re probably nodding your head right now because you’ve been there. You’ve been the person who checks their ticket sales first thing in the morning, and then the last thing you do before going to sleep is… check your ticket sales.

Ticket sales naturally happen at two points in time. There will be a small spike right after they go on sale thanks to those “social leaders.” And then the rest of us procrastinators will buy our tickets in the final days before the event. While this is completely normal behavior, there are ways you can keep ticket sales going strong from the moment you put them on sale until the start of your event.

One of the most effective ways to beat the ticket sales slump is by using smart and powerful email marketing. And I’m not just talking about sending a simple email invitation. I’m talking about highly engaging email campaigns that are relevant and targeted to key segments of your audience. Emails that build anticipation and drive your sales through the roof. Because email is not only cost-effective, it’s a direct and measurable channel of communication that works for any kind of event.

So if you want to learn how to use email marketing to take your events to the next level, join us for an exciting live, online session with the experts at Emma. You’ll learn how to write killer event marketing emails and how and when to schedule campaigns for the best ticket sales results.

We’ll give you tons of useful data, like the impact that targeted, relevant emails can have on your sales, or how much of a discount you should offer with your early bird tickets. We’ll also take a look at real-life event organizers who are killing it at the email game, and some that could be doing a little better – so you can learn their lessons the easy way.

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