How to address image blocking in email marketing

How to address image blocking in email marketing

Image blocking doesn’t have to be a big deal as there are some very simple and effective methods to handle it and ensure your subscribers have the best possible experience with your campaigns.

One of the easiest things you can do to combat image blocking is to add Alt text to your images. Alt text is simply the text that is displayed by the email client instead of your image when images are blocked. Using alt text is helpful because it can tell your subscriber what the image is in order to give them context and compel him or her to display the images.

By adding alt text, you’ll ensure your subscribers see text that will explain your image instead of just seeing a blank box if their images are turned off by default.

Our intuitive email builder makes is super simple to add alt text to your images.

When adding an image to your email, simply add your “explainer” text in the field that says alt text as illustrated in the example below:

Setting the line-height in the style for the image to be equal to the height of the image will make sure the alt text is vertically aligned in the middle. Generally, changing the line-height will change the vertical alignment of the styled alt text.

The second way you can combat blocked images is to ask your subscribers to whitelist your emails or add you to their safe senders. You can send these instructions in your welcome email so your subscribers will get your emails from the very start and see all your beautiful images.

Each email client has a different process to whitelisting your emails, so we did the groundwork for you to make it easy. All the instructions are available in this handy guide.