Want to Increase Blog Traffic? Some Fab Tips for Success

Want to Increase Blog Traffic? Some Fab Tips for Success

I am going to share the biggest and best secret about blogging and how to increase your traffic. Are you listening? Lean in really close and I will whisper it to you: create great content.

That’s the big secret! You may have a zillion followers and a gorgeous, high tech blog but people will not return if your content sucks. Bottom line. Provide value in what you create.

That being said, I’ll share with you a few things that you can do, once you have written something spectacular, that can get the word out to a larger audience.

Sprout Social helps you not only share at the optimal times based on your followers being online but also evenly distributes your amazing content throughout the day so you don’t annoy your followers with a huge spurt of brilliance and then lose them with silence later.

I found a fantastic new tool that I’m crazy about called Smarter Queue. You can add categories for your content and schedule things into them, then add slots into your schedule for the categories. For example, make a category called My Blog Content and then add all your posts.

And you can check off re-queue making your posts evergreen. It’s SO EASY!

Engage — Thank people who share your posts and comment on your blog! I try to catch tweets several times throughout the day to say thanks and I also watch my mentions on Facebook and LinkedIn to say thank you.

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