Set Account Defaults

Set Account Defaults

Your account uses important data settings to manage things like your time zone, currency, company information, notifications, and more. Your default information affects what you see and do in your account, from sending email campaigns to billing. You can change these settings at any time from the Details page of your account.

In this article, you'll learn how to change the default settings for your account.

Users with Admin level access can enable notifications to send an alert via email or SMS when a change is made to these settings. This is optional, but recommended for account security.

Here are some important terms and definitions about each item included on the Details page of your account.

The name of your account, which is not visible to contacts. The account name appears at the top of your profile menu and on the login page if you use more than one account.

Your preferred GMT time zone. We'll use your Time zone to display times for email campaigns and automation email sends, import list data, and contact signup data. We use this information to set the time zone and location for Timewarp email campaigns. Timewarp reports allow you to track the status of Timewarp campaigns as they send to different time zones.

The date and time format (MM/DD, DD/MM, 12-hour, 24-hour) that appears throughout your account. Dates and times will display email campaign sends, list creations, Chimp Chatter events, and date fields in a list. Date fields imported into a list will also reflect the account's default date and time format.

Default currency format that appears on the Billing pages in your account.

General, anonymous information about your company. Some MailChimp tools use shared informational data to make recommendations that help determine things like the best times to send a certain type of email campaign or how your open rate compares to similar companies.

Your personal email preferences. Choose which account notifications and newsletters you want to receive to help you send email campaigns, keep up with your contact lists, and improve your email marketing.