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3 Crucial Types of Digital Marketing for Any Business

Last updated: 10/18/2020

Online advertising is something that no business can afford to ignore these days. Virtually every company – from small local organizations to large enterprises – has an online...

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How to Map Out a Customer Journey to Optimize the User Experience

Last updated: 10/16/2020

Do you need to increase conversions for your startup? Discover how mapping out the customer journey can help you optimize engagement and ROI. As a B2B startup business, it can...

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5 Strategies for Customer Retention with Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Last updated: 10/12/2020

Attracting a new customer can cost you 5-7 times as much as retaining an existing customer. (Source: & Also, the probability of successfully...

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Small Business Email Marketing Tips for 2021

Last updated: 10/10/2020

Email marketing is an essential part of your small business success. On top of having the highest ROI of all marketing endeavors (an impressive$38 gained for every $1 spent),...

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20 Great Email Marketing Tactics For A Small Online Business

Last updated: 10/06/2020

Businesses drive sales using email marketing because it delivers an impressive return on investment (ROI). Research reveals that for every $1 spent on email...

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How to bring more value to your email marketing

Last updated: 09/30/2020

The continued dominance of email as a marketing channel is elevated further in a time when people are paying more attention to their inbox in real-time than ever before. But...

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6 Reasons to Consider Text Message Marketing 

Last updated: 09/27/2020

The average person will look at their cellphone around eighty times in a day. It is not surprising, therefore, that 98% of marketing text messages are opened. Compared to email...

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5 Essential Benefits of AI for Digital Marketers

Last updated: 09/21/2020

Pocket Artificial intelligence, or AI, is already transforming the face of marketing as we know it. AI technology can help to optimize and speed up many different marketing...

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3 Reasons Why Big Data Analytics is Important Now More Than Ever

Last updated: 09/20/2020

Big data is no longer just some buzzword. It’s become the standard for every business and organization that wants to scale and keep up with a fast-evolving consumer...

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7 Ways Online Retailers Can Improve Their Customer Marketing

Last updated: 09/17/2020

Awesome! Your online store is live… but now what? What will help your eCommerce store navigate the waters in a constantly saturated marketplace? With customers choosing brands...

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