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Why It's Smart to Focus on Strategic Growth Instead of Going Viral

Last updated: 07/19/2020

This article was written by Lindsay Patton, an Entrepreneur NEXT powered by Assemble expert. If you are looking to take the NEXT step in your business then we encourage you to...

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How AI and video marketing can work together in the time of COVID

Last updated: 07/18/2020

“While early adopters of AI are still bullish, their competitive advantage may be waning as barriers to adoption continue to fall and more creative use of the technology grows.”...

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Top trends that can drive digital marketing strategy in the COVID-19 world

Last updated: 07/17/2020

The ongoing pandemic has drastically changed the way businesses operate. Due to social distancing, lockdown and restricted movement, there has been a sudden shift to digital...

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25 Stats That Prove Why You Need Link-Building in Your SEO Strategy

Last updated: 07/16/2020

You probably already know how crucial SEO is for your website's traffic. One of the most important sub tactics within an SEO strategy is link-building. Not sure what this...

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4 Expert Influencer Marketing Tips That Will Transform Your Campaigns

Last updated: 07/15/2020

Just as marketers were coming to grips with digital advertising, their task is becoming difficult again.According to PageFair, 615 million internet users now block ads on their...

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How to Make Your Brand More Cohesive

Last updated: 07/14/2020

Nikki Arensman is a brand designer and strategist who works with female entrepreneurs, particularly those building digital businesses. She spoke with Jessica Abo via Zoom about...

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How to focus on content, rather than simply publish it

Last updated: 07/13/2020

Modern marketing teams understand that high quality content is integral to a successful strategy. In fact, recent research showed that large companies plan to dedicate 42% of...

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Six Strategies For Building Exceptional Brand Loyalty

Last updated: 07/12/2020

According to studies, the alternative of acquiring new customers still costs you five to seven times more than retaining existing ones. But customers today are fickle, instantly...

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How to Succeed in Account-Based Advertising

Last updated: 07/11/2020

Right now, Account-based Marketing (ABM) is the hottest B2B ticket in town — with 87% of marketers stating that it delivers better ROI than other marketing activities. While...

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How to Apply a Test and Learn Approach to Your Digital Marketing

Last updated: 07/09/2020

A six-step process for applying ‘test and learn’, including defining KPIs, creating test criteria, achieving statistical significance and turning insights into...

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