How to Develop an Effective Social Media Marketing Strategy - JOSIC

How to Develop an Effective Social Media Marketing Strategy - JOSIC

Social media marketing certainly does great wonders to most businesses who utilize this. Through this, business goals were easily achieved in accordance with the company's vision and mission. Although there are lots of marketing strategies available, social media marketing is currently considered to be the most effective business tool towards the attainment of the company's target performance. Its emergence has completely changed the way business plans and strategies are set by most companies.

However not all who used this marketing strategy are successful with their endeavors. Perhaps they wonder what went wrong. How about you? Have you ever thought of incorporating it to your business? Or have you already integrated it to your business transactions? Whatever the case may be, one thing is sure; Social media has significantly influenced business transactions nowdays and looks like it constantly dictates all the players in the business world in almost every aspect of the business itself.

In any event, social media marketing is geared towards the advancement of every business. Given all the business tools available, you really have to think of something different that's far better than the existing marketing strategies used by some businesses. It's not a matter of having the best strategy on papers but having an effective strategy that perfectly suits your business. If you're planning to have this marketing strategy, you need to consider first some things before you proceed.

• Facebook and Twitter have approximately 1.11 billion and 500 million users respectively and these numbers continue to rise.

• Good standing in social media is an advantage as this will help you hire effective personnel whatever time or part time.

• It enables you to connect directly with your customers as well as potential customers from other countries in real time.

• Since all these sites are free, therefore all you need to do is to maximize the opportunity to widen your market

For you to really experience the maximum benefits from using social media marketing, the following tips will help you develop an effective strategy that will boost your online presence to make a difference in the business world.

1. Define a clear message. Before you jumpstart into your social media undertakings, consider first what you really want to achieve. Define your objectives and consider what you can offer to your audience. Once established, you can now sort things and select the main areas wherein you can completely focus operations. It's best to utilize each channel as a means for leveraging communication.

2. Apply the 70/30 rule of engagement. When you've already defined your clear message, you need to balance your transactions so much so that you can achieve your primary objective of sales volume in a way that's very entertaining to win customer's maintained patronage. In this manner, your business engagement is approximately 70% of the time while the reminder will be allotted to communicating with your followers. Of course this is not absolutely applicable. Oftentimes you need to make adjustments but just the same you must see to it that at the end of the day, you'll go back to the basic engagement rule.

3. Start small to get big. With the stiff competition to get public attention, sometimes you may wonder how a small business can stand out from the rest. But bear in mind that David defeated Goliath. In business, sometimes small players outperform the big players. In developing an effective marketing strategy, you may start focusing on small things that can generate interests from relevant groups. This way, you'll know that everything will spread out through word of mouth. That's the power of social media.

4. Follow major players' strategy. Thanks to social media, you can build relationships with those key players in the industry. From there, you may observe how they handle every transaction, gain insight from their actions and modify their strategies to make it applicable to your business.

It's true that this radical marketing strategy can help augment your business performance, but you need to make sure that you have a quality product or service to offer. Otherwise, you'll end up now to go in business jungle.

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