4 industries getting the most ROI from digital marketing

4 industries getting the most ROI from digital marketing

Every company needs to market itself digitally, but some sectors are more suited for social media marketing than others. In today’s technology driven world, relationships and networks get built via social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Companies understand the need to make their presence felt in the digital space and hence you’ll find brands from all possible sectors leaving their footprints in the online world. But in the midst of all this marketing, companies from some sectors score better than others. Here’s a list of five industries that are getting high ROI from their endeavors at digital marketing.

When your health is in distress, the first thing you're most likely to do is to check the internet for more information on your symptoms. While nothing can take away from the importance of doctors, people still prefer to go online first because the internet is more easily accessible as compared to doctors. It is for this reason that so many healthcare organisations put their money and efforts behind a good digital marketing campaign. From a strong social media presence to a good website, the health sector realises that a strategic approach is of paramount importance to bring in patients.

Entertainment companies make use of social media to share all kinds of information like trailers, photos, behind-the-scenes looks, live videos, and so much more. With the help of strategic marketing, these companies push their users to go for a movie, record an episode offline, and the likes. By coupling user's personal information available on social media with in-depth analytics, companies are now able to promote specific entertainment products to targeted demographics.

When it comes to food, people are emotionally and fiercely connected to the items they love to eat and the brands that produce those food items. Cashing in on the digital marketing trend, food companies have designed entire campaigns that revolve around mouth-watering images of food that lead to a high degree of customer engagement. Speaking to Entrepreneur, Mat Siltala, President of Avalaunch Media, says, “The food industry is no longer dependent on boring recipe cards, or words in a book. Consumers now go online, they check out social feeds and watch amazing videos that share in just a few seconds how to prepare almost anything you can imagine.”

From slick magazine advertisements to flashy television commercials, marketing has always been an integral part of the auto industry. Lately, digital media has become the auto industry's prime channel for reaching out to and engaging potential users. According to eMarketer, major auto companies are steadily increasing their digital spends with each passing year. In fact, it rose 22 percent from 2014 to 2015. By making use of targeted advertising, the auto industry is marketing directly to its potential consumers.

Digital marketing has taken the traditional advertising sector by storm as sales and traffic boost remarkably. If your company is not a part of the above sector, you can still get the most out of social media by having a solid campaign that speaks to your target audience.

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