7 Tips to Using YouTube for Marketing Purposes #smlondon

Last updated: 05-24-2019

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7 Tips to Using YouTube for Marketing Purposes #smlondon

In a world that is almost fully HD, with countless uploads every second, the fastest way to reach masses is through YouTube. Aside from being a video repository, YouTube has an enormous marketing potential. Its users are ten times more likely to engage, embed, and share contents than on other social media. In short, YouTube opens up your horizons through unlimited HD uploads that reach a wider community.

Major industry stakeholders like Coca-Cola and McDonald’s are making a killing from YouTube adverts by means of visually stimulating content that deeply captivates their audience. But for regular Joes like you and I with zero clues on where to start, YouTube marketing may seem like a maze. This article offers seven tips on how to creatively and effectively use YouTube videos for marketing purposes.

Take advantage of YouTube’s unlimited resources to showcase your products and services. But rather than oversell it in a boring video, try something creative. Nobody wants to watch a 20-minute video about how great your product is. By thinking outside the box, you will be able to come up with something innovative and captivating.

Take for instance the DollarShaveClub.com advert that went viral on YouTube back in March 2012. The company reinvented how shaver blades are sold in a short, interesting and effective ad that resulted in increased influx rate.

Leverage the power of YouTube videos to be educational and informative. Keep in mind that YouTube is the second largest search engine behind Google. Here users search for answers – provide them by demonstrating your expertise in a fun video such as the How to Utilize SEO by Wix.

You can use video tutorials about how to use your products. It’s more helpful than user manuals; it makes things easier for your customers by providing instructions they can pause and reverse whenever they wish. You can also give further assistance in YouTube comments.

Your YouTube videos can be fun and informative – don´t just focus on products, show what goes on in the background. It’s an intelligent tactic for showcasing the people and processes that make your products possible.

Take, for instance, the Louis Vuitton Savoir-Faire ad that showcases the ingenuity involved in making accessories. This ad connects the consumer with the product as he or she gets a glimpse of the behind scenes. In the end your company will come across as approachable hence building trust with your consumer base.

The secret to great and trendy YouTube videos is personalization. A good example is Old Spice, a brand that uses clever video content. It started engaging their customers by making customized videos as replies to their social media comments and uploading them to their channel.

Take, for instance, a video created as a response to a tweet. The brand also responded to all YouTube and Facebook comments. The videos went viral with increased comments and shares. In the end, their sales increased by 107 percent!

Branded user generated content is a powerful marketing tool that increases brand engagement, especially for the millennials. Borrow one or two from Hootsuite’s January 2016 post that explains the benefits of using fan generated video content as your YouTube marketing strategy. This article highlights its high marketing potential.

Try to make customers post videos involving your product. It is more effective than posting ads yourself. Fans tend to get a sense of participation and importance.

Variety is the key for keeping customers glued to the channel. Produce as much as you can – different topics, video lengths, etc. Diary-based videos are a great place to start.

Take for instance those explaining products or services, interviews, mini documentaries, tutorials, funny clips, fun facts, and much more. The best YouTube content marketers, such as Nintendo, post lots of interesting content. Do the same!

You need to both make videos and market them. Use tools to see how well your company is leveraging online video and YouTube. You can try Online Video Grader which measures website score, search engine score, YouTube score, and social media score.

Integrate your YouTube channel with both your website and your social media accounts. You can embed your videos into texts on your website, and share them on Facebook, Twitter, and any other social media platform available in the market.

YouTube is not just a video repository but can be turned into a powerful marketing tool. YouTube videos are proving to drive traffic, produce excellent search results, establish expertise, and engage customers. Follow these tips today, and integrate video content and YouTube into your marketing plan!

Helen Eagleton, a freelance blogger from Boston, followa topics in the realm of education, technology, digital marketing, and business. When she’s not researching for her next article, she enjoys watching documentaries and exploring the nature. More information @eagleton_helen

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