When Should you not Invest in Artificial Intelligence | Analytics Insight

When Should you not Invest in Artificial Intelligence | Analytics Insight

Artificial intelligence (AI) is nothing but incorporating human intelligence in machines and see these machines perform tasks that were earlier limited to humans. Gone are the days when Artificial intelligence was thought to be a thing of the future – Today is the world of AI, the world we are living in!! No wonder, AI has been ruling for quite some time now and the results put forth by it have been phenomenal. Owing to its accuracy, AI is seen almost everywhere – banking, gaming, mobile phones, hospitality, you name it – and it is there! Having said that, everything comes with its own set of pros and cons. Simply put, Artificial intelligence also has some flaws that’d answer – What are the areas where one should probably think before considering AI and also – When should you not invest in AI? Read on to learn more!

Humans are blessed with brains that are capable of thinking out of the box. Expecting the same from Artificial intelligence makes absolutely no sense at all. Though AI is capable of writing content but as evident as it can get, the content is already programmed and AI is not capable of creating content without guidelines. The creativity of machines is limited to what has been programmed.

NLG (Natural Language Generation) is a software that that is used by AI to come up with data reports, content and portfolios for businesses. Yes, with this in place, it is undoubtedly possible to create thousands of documents. But, where is the creativity that we’ve been wanting with every other document? Machines are not equipped with brains that’d help them think out of the box, imagine and engage in creative writing. This is exactly where humans steal the limelight. Humans can create content with emotions that machines lack.

Remember those school times when we had tricks and shortcuts to solve maths problems? Yes, the desired answer was arrived at using those simpler techniques and we had least to bother about when it comes to those complex solutions to the very same question. This is where we need to think and act. Why invest in complex AI architecture when the very same thing can be done using simpler techniques and get the desired results? Had it been the case of getting different results with different techniques, the scenario would not have been the same. But, if there are some better and simpler alternatives available in comparison to AI, then why choose AI?

A lot of times, you would want a software to be written. But, in today’s world, AI is not that capable enough to help you with writing software. Human understanding and intelligence plays a pivotal role as far as writing software is concerned. Hence, AI takes a backseat here.

Unlike human beings, machines lack emotions thereby making moral decisions is not their cup of tea. Let us consider an example – Yes, there are driver-less cars available. But in case of an accident, what will the car prioritize? Will it be the life of the passengers or the life of pedestrians? Had it been a human on board, a moral decision would have been made in no time considering the emotions that humans are capable of addressing.

Using something to achieve the desired results especially when not proven to be an efficient method could make matters worse. Therefore, it is always advised to not use AI when it is still undergoing experiments.

What’s the point of investing 100 bucks and making 150 in the end but not to forget that your expenses stand at 70? This ultimately means that you are in loss of 20 bucks. Is this not a point of concern?

When the cost of implementing AI is way more than what the benefits would be, then is it even worth considering AI as an option? Think!!

Human beings have been blessed with a calibre to invent things unlike machines that can only follow rules. So, if you are looking for innovation, AI won’t serve the purpose.

Yes, AI has a plethora of applications to offer. But what still remains a concern is how dependable can one be on it for various tasks? If you are looking for innovation, simpler solutions that provide the desired results, creativity, writing software, moral decisions to be made, etc., then AI isn’t the best option available.