Oxford Saïd AI Roundtable: Programme

Oxford Saïd AI Roundtable: Programme

THERE IS A NEED for fresh, serious thinking about how AI will reshape business. A three-part discussion series this spring aims to bring new voices to the conversation. Hosted at Oxford’s Saïd Business School, the sessions will consider AI and productivity, data and management. I’ll be the moderator and discussion facilitator. (An overview of the initiative is here.)

Below is a preliminary description of the sessions, including themes and pre-readings. A sign-up page isn’t yet live, but ping me an email at kn@cukier.com and I’ll let you know when it’s online. (Also, if I’ve missed a good source that I should include, definitely please let me know.)

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It’s true that a gaping hole is the question of employment. The reason is that it gets a lot of attention already in other venues, whereas the issue of productivity, data and management is bereft of a home. That said, if the roundtable form evolves past the initial three sessions, jobs will be the next topic to take on.

Any comments or feedback? Please email me at kn@cukier.com