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Last updated: 11-09-2017

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Men's fashion mistakes | The Gentleman's Journal

No man would be a true gentleman if he didn’t live to learn and we’ve all fallen victim to not paying enough attention to what we’re wearing. Now that you are a gentleman, though, it’s important to try and minimise the style mistakes that you’re making. We understand that if they’re mistakes, you obviously don’t know that you’re making them, but if any of the below ring a bell, they could be the reason thatyou’re being unfairly unacknowledged…

This is a style mistake that no gentleman should ever make, but one that we see happening far too often. You may have seen someone half your age looking incredible in a pair of sold-out Nike trainers but that does not mean that you need to wear them too. Equally, dressing as if you’re 20 years older than you actually are is not attractive and not timeless. Start dressing your age and we promise the rest will fall into place.

If ‘lowriding’ (read: wearing your trousers too low) isn’t something that comes into your dictionary, keep it that way. We see this happening almost everyday and while we don’t mean to be rude, it really is so unattractive. A bystander should have the choice of whether or not he/she wants to see your underwear, rather than be forced into it. Equally, the builders bum: we don’t really need to go into this but do not allow this to happen.

Shoes need to be updated regularly because when they are past their time, they start to become unattractive. If your shoes are worn through, scuffed beyond belief or are generally just looking a bit sad, it’s time for an update. It’s easy to get to the point beyond repair with shoes without really noticing, but it’s a mistake that no gentleman should make.

A subtle brand (like a Ralph Lauren polo horse) here and there never hurt anybody, but a full-on motif or branded item is a serious style faux-pas. First of all, no gentleman should still be wearing novelty clothing, but also the majority of the time a motif on a T-shirt just is not funny (sorry). Dressing in motifs, brands and logos ties nicely back into dressing age-appropriate – please just try not to do it.

I think we speak for the majority of the female population when we say that contrary to popular belief (although we’re not sure where this belief came from), deep v-neck t-shirts are genuinely not attractive. For some reason there are a handful of men out there who believe that the rest of mankind would love a peak and their chest/chest hair. It just really isn’t true – case closed.

Again, we’re not here to cause offence but no gentleman should ever wear a black shirt – particularly with a suit. While we’re putting all the cards on the table, we might as well go ahead and say that a black shirt more often than not has the tendency to look cheap. There are so many other options out there that you really don’t need a black shirt in your life.

For some reason there’s a (slightly) popular belief that wearing clothes that are too tight are going to hold everything (that comes with being an older gentleman) in. The opposite is actually true – tight clothes are highly unflattering and, even if you’ve got the body for it, it just looks like you’re way too vain. Tight clothes are a very fast way to put any woman off you and we recommend that you avoid them at all costs.

Having ill fitting trousers is something that you need to try and avoid. Getting to grips with the right style for your shape comes with practice, but it’s something that we recommend you try and sort out sooner rather than later. If your trouser legs are dragging on the floor and the crouch is far too low – or, equally, if they are so tight that you can’t walk – you need to have a talk with yourself. Trousers are one area that we find men getting wrong far too often, so it’s imperative that you make a change, now.

Although you might think that doing so makes you God’s gift to the earth, we’re here to inform you that sadly you are wrong. Wearing sunglasses indoors or at night is the fastest way to put someone off you, trust us. Sunglasses should be reserved purely for when the sun is out – and that’s it.

Or for anything other than running, actually. While we understand that your work shoes might not be the most comfortable way to get to work, the tube is where you’re destined to meet a plethora of women who are going to instantly judge you by what you’re wearing. And if that includes a suit and a pair of trainers, you’re in trouble.

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