A cost effective marketing strategy you must know The Influencer Marketing

Last updated: 04-15-2018

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A cost effective marketing strategy you must know The Influencer Marketing

Marketing is the lifeblood of a business. Whether you are a small business or a big one, you need to have right marketing approach if you want to see a consistent growth in your sales. You might be knowing or practicing many marketing tactics to reach your target audience. But you have to keep updating yourself with the new marketing trends & this becomes more important if there are many players in your niche.

You must have come across this term “influencer Marketing”, if not, you will.

Influencer Marketing is now a days very much in practice and many businesses are using this tactics to reach their target audience through their influencers in their network. And this becomes very useful if you are low on marketing budget & want to reach more buyers.

In this post, we will try to give you an idea about what is influencer Marketing? In upcoming posts, we will tell you – How to do influencer Marketing & build relationships to reach more target?

Who are influencers in your network?

Influencers in your network are those people who have lots of followers or connections in their networks who could become your customers. In other word, they are the channel through which you can reach your target in mass. But as we said, influencers are people and they could become your channels, you have to build relationship & trust with them for this. If you are able to do this, you have the right channel to reach your target. Of course, building trust & relationships takes some time. But this time will bring you new sales & then more sales for you. Not only this, this will also help you a lot in building your brand.

Once you have understood who are influencer in your network. Let us understand how this works. To understand this let us take this situation. Most of you before buying a mobile take suggestions from your friend & family about the latest features & brand. Also, most of you go with the your friend’s suggestion & purchase that. Your friend & family act as an influencer to decide your buying mood and you get influenced and purchase one. Not only this, next time when your other friends ask you a suggestion you suggest the same mobile or brand if you are happily using that.

This is exactly how influencer marketing works. It is clear that influencer marketing acts as a great medium for word of mouth advertisement & that too from your influencer you love to follow. This way you get natural traction & build trust with your brand.

How to reach your influencer?

Social medias are the great platforms where you can find many influencers who can advocate your brand & suggest other in their network to buy your stuff. But to find right influencers you have to become influencer for other. You are going to deal with people and you must know how to engage & add value to your influencer’s life. If you want quick result try adding more values to other’s lives.

Writing great post on social medias & using appropriate hash tags that suits your brand could be of great help to you. But keep this in mind, your post intention must not be direct selling your stuff and must not look some kind of advertisement. Being true and supportive with other with your post can help you find right people. If you will try to be clever there are many clever sitting there who can even spoil your brand. Don’t forget to put suitable hash tags, be kind & supportive to engage more people. This way your post can bring right people in your network.

Many social medias suggest you right influencer according to your post content & hash tags. You can follow suggested people and get them in your network. We would suggest not to run after people with huge audience & celebrities initially. You should target micro influencers initially. Micro-influencers are influencers who have a small connections, of about 1,000-100,000 followers. To build trust keep writing regular posts & put your views on their posts. Putting your own views on their posts will allow you to get in touch with them. Once you are engaged with them your influencer can become even a friend of yours and later an influencer of your brand.

So, keeping in mind your network, influencers, building relationships & sales our platform www.listhood.com will help you find new influencers around you. We recommend you to register your business & explore new opportunities. Also, once you are registered, you will get notified about our useful resources like one you are reading on www.listhood.com.

Be an influencer and start building your brand & share this article to influence other in your network. We wish you all the best.

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