80 Brilliant, Not So Basic Gifts for Every Woman on Your List

Last updated: 12-06-2017

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80 Brilliant, Not So Basic Gifts for Every Woman on Your List

What do you buy a woman who has everything? It’s a mind-boggling quandary that always seems to creep into our collective consciousness this time of year. We often struggle to find the perfect holiday gift for her, whomever she may be: a Lean In–type executive, a well-read art lover, a hard-core sports star, a passionate activist, or a logo-loving fashion fanatic. The partiers have the Kirakira+ appropriate clothes and jewels already, while the Hygge homebodies aren’t without multiple options of pj’s and slippers in their plush wardrobes. But instead of agonizing over the question of what to buy, first, let’s sort out exactly who we’re shopping for.

Focusing on a specific personality will help open up the creative holiday gifting floodgates and thus, guide you to say, an Andy Warhol–print Calvin Klein scarf for your art historian friend or a water bottle with crystals at the bottom for your wellness-focused family member. There’s a singular, standout gift for any type of chick this season, from those seated in the boardroom to those getting cozy at home or protesting in the streets. Here are 80 of the most fitting objects, clothes, and accessories to give the power women who have it all.

’Tis the season to get woke. This year has seen women across the country become more politically active. Why not pick a present that helps give back, too. Does she stand for freedom of the press? 100 percent of proceeds from the sale of Edie Parker’s #Truth clutch will be donated to the Committee to Protect Journalists. Maybe she likes to wear her statement on her sleeve à la Lingua Franca’s “Resistance” sweater. Whatever she’s speaking out for or against, there’s a thoughtful gift to align with the message.

There is no shortage of perfect little packages to hand to your art historian or gallery girlfriend this season, but it’s better to give something stylish, too. Calvin Klein’s Andy Warhol–printed scarves or a Lady Dior bag painted by artist Spencer Sweeney will do the trick, as will the book on the MoMA exhibition titled “Items: Is Fashion Modern?” The art snob has damn good taste, so you better make sure you read up on your art history and wrap up a box filled with something cool and curated.

Athleisure, glamleisure, or what have you, buying a gift for the sports fanatic in your life has never been more fun. On the court or field, perhaps they’ll enjoy carrying a gem-infused water bottle or lacing up a pair of Nike Air VaporMax Explorers. On the streets, she doesn’t have to sacrifice her love of the game for fashion—just give her the gift of a Valentino jersey dress or an Alexander Wang fleece top. In other words, it’s shopping time: ready, set, go!

In the words of the inimitable Dolly Parton, workin’ 9 to 5, what a way to make a livin’. She’ll need some clothes and accessories that project a down-to-earth executive vibe. Instead of a Hillary Clinton pantsuit, perhaps she’d love to receive a houndstooth blazer from Rag & Bone or a chic trenchcoat from Khaite. A Thom Browne briefcase will be just right, too, or perhaps a Loewe paper clip for her tidy desk. Boss ladies deserve only the best this holiday season.

This is a tough one. She doesn’t miss a beat when it comes to the latest and greatest off the runway, so where, oh where, do you find the perfect gift for the trendsetting woman? Look no further than the plethora of throwback logo merch on sale this season, like Gucci’s belt bag or Louis Vuitton’s monogrammed towel. It’s about buying her something she’d maybe never invest in herself—designer pieces that aren’t just stylish, but maybe a little cheeky, too.

Just because she wants to bundle up on the couch and hibernate all winter long doesn’t mean that she isn’t hoping to get a fabulous gift this season. Homebodies want some luxury while they nest, perhaps in the form of a satin pajama set or a big, cozy Céline blanket to cocoon themselves in. Pretty, comfy robes, pillows, and perhaps an eye mask fit the bill for this Miss Sleepyhead. With these gifts, they’ll certainly be able to rest easy during all those cold winter nights.

Time to rage! This chick is making all the end-of-year holiday party rounds and needs some new sparkle in her life. Metallic dresses, leopard-print blazers, cute booties, shiny jewelry, and embellished velvet bodysuits are perfect little treats to give her. Outside of clothes, perhaps she’d be into a Polaroid camera for snapping photos of her friends at the club—and taking a break from her Snapchat and Instagram Stories.

Ah, to live the jet-set life. The globe-trotting girls are always in need of new travel gear, whether it’s a well-designed neck pillow, a compact carry-on suitcase, or cool headphones. Explorers love a designer luggage tag and a good vanity case for organization during those long-haul flights to Asia or the Middle East. If you can catch her before she takes off again to some exotic clime, these are the most covetable gifts to send her off in style.

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